Back pain

Backache is one of the most common disorders today.Yoga program to elimate simple backache

these asana should be practised for 15 to 20 minutes each morning without fail,followed by 10to 15 minutes in shavasana.this program is specifically designed to increase the functional efficiency of the various muscle groups responsible for back pain and should be learned under expert guidance . reassess the state of your back and general health after one month.

1.For lower back muscles: ardha shalabhasana, shalabhasana,ushtrasana,makarasana, bhujangasana.

2.For shoulder and upper back muscles: dwikonasana, sarpasana, bhujangasana, marjari_asana, kandharasana.

3.Relaxation in shavasana or advasana: with visualization of tight,congested back muscles relaxing,letting go of tension and flushing the area with fresh blood .pranic energy is visualized flowing into the back muscles in conjuction with the breath.

Dietary recommendations

correction of the back pain is facilitated when a light vegetarian diet is consumed and excess weight is removed .correction of chronic constipation often brings spontaneous remission of back this respect the optimal diet consists of whole grains, chapatis or wholemeal bread , pulse,vegetables(steamed, boiled or salad), fruits,nuts and juices. Avoid excessive sugar,milk, and dairy products, oil, meat and spices.