Top 10 Best Way to manage you headache

Headache is one of the most common symptoms a doctor is asked to treat. There are several types of headache,and the origin of pain is slightly different for each one. The brain itself is insensitive to pain,but many other structures both inside and outside of the skull have sensitive pain fibres. these include the arteries and venous sinuses of the brain,the dura mater or membrane surroundidng the brain and the external scalf muscles.


The most common headache

  1. migraine. This severe forms of headache occurs more commonly in women then is characterized by periodic headaches which are usually one side-sided and are often accompanied by visual disturbances and vomiting .
  2. Tension Headaches:Tension headaches are related to migraine but manifest through the somatic nervous system insted of through theautonomic nervous system. these headaches are produced by sustained contractions of the external scalp muscles.
  3. Medical Treatment of headaches.

Yogic management

1.Asana: Pawanmuktasana , surya namskara.

2.Pranayama. Bhramari, nadi,shodhana,gentle bhastrika.

3.Shatkarma:kunjal and neti daily.

4.Yoga nindra daily.

5.Simple vegetarian.avoid rich foods,especially cheese,chocolate and wine. avode over eating.

6.Fasting:Skipping a meal and relaxing for ten minutes in shavasana will often avert an impending headache if it is due to mental stress.

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