Vinyasa Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

200-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training

Extend the level of your practice by combining the flow of your breath with asanas. Join our 200-hours-Vinyasa-Yoga-Teacher-Training The term Vinyasa is derived from nyasa, meaning “to place,” and vi, meaning “in a special way.” The practice is focused on combining asanas and flow of breath in a special sequence. It reminds us that everything is connected and interdependent. The practice of Vinyasa yoga will broaden your skills.

The rhythmical breathing and graceful progression from one posture to another will help you to open deeply your heart and mind. 

 is perfect for those who really would like to find a proper arrangement between the breath and postures. Until you know how to combine your postures and breathing, you are unable to clear all the dimensions and reach a state of a strong flow. A union of your breath and asanas is Vinyasa. 

vinyasa Yoga teacher training

You learn to change one posture to another dynamically with the proper flow of your breathing. Our bodies are designed to move and breathe and in that, by the flow of Vinyasa, we can find a place for a meditative state of mind. Get ready to jump into the ocean of deep knowledge and become a master in your practices. Yoga-Teacher-Training-in-Rishikesh, one of the holy cities in the glory of Himalayas.