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Our Social Participations

Besides spreading the ancient knowledge of yoga, Shiv Siddh Yog Peeth also has an intention to give something to the society. Society has built us, so we should also participate in building the society. We are a part of nature; nature is the source of creation and we should take actions to protect the nature.

Yoga is incomplete without the knowledge of Karma Yoga and we believe strongly in purity of our actions. We have a non-profit organization named Universal Educational & Welfare Society through which, for the past few years, we provide free education to the children. Children are the future of the nation, their literacy is very important to us and the fact that we can give them strong foundations and sufficient skills. Our society provides material help to the government schools like uniforms for the students, books, etc., Under the society, we have a computer institution in Rishikesh, where we provide free knowledge of computer applications to the students, software courses, the internet, etc.,

Further in our lists, we are planning to provide free sessions to the cancer patients. We would like to provide enough health to build their resistance to their disease. Our vision is also to make enough effort to protect nature, because our live is continuously affected by the destruction of the envirovment.

Our journey is quite long, and we welcome all helping hands of people who want to join us in these activities. Good and open hearts are always welcome.

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